Updates Ladies!!

hye ladies..

girlsbazaar is updated!!!..
just a reminder...
  • CODS are available only on weekends..
  • posting on weekdays..
  • reservations for 3 days only..
thanx and happy shopping darlas!!

Grecian Glam

[ALL sold out]

bubble pink(sold out)


turquoise(sold out)

canary yellow(sold out)

Grecian glam is the ultimate sexy siren!!!its gorgeous wrap like design is a stunner!!!with its perfect knee length cutting is sure gonna turn heads around...to add some grecian chic..pair them up with ur fave pair of gladiators and ur ready to rock!!

  • RM59
  • fits uk4-uk10,bust size a,b,c
  • made of stretchable cotton
  • approx. 75cm


[ALL sold out]

black(sold out)
**cincher worn(sold out)available for sale**

oh so pretty ruffles


candy pink(sold out)

gorgeous sleeves
*true colour*

LOVE ruffles!!!we heart them like totally..it has a unique touch to this simple shirt with its gorgeous sleeves, its a real eye candy..with those tiered horizontal ruffles till the sleeves..they are really one of a kind!!! ;)

  • RM45
  • fits uk6-uk16
  • made of stretchable cotton
  • **brown cincher worn(sold out) in ruffles black available for sale at RM25,made of leather**


(sold out)


tie back

can be worn as a dress

carnivale is our fave print dress..the design is just beautiful, suitable for a day out shopping or hanging out with friends..u can wear it with ur fave jeans or just lose them..u'll look gorgeous anyways ;P

  • RM49
  • fits uk4-uk10
  • made of spandex

Haute Halter

(sold out)


sexy accentuating gathers at the empire waistline


gorgeous tier

black(sold out)
sorry for the blurry picture

need to say more why are we sooo fond of maxi dresses??lol..haute halter has a gorgeous halter top..why halter?v-necks are known to tone down the excess baggage we girls have..and at the same time show them cliff off a bit lol..plus we love the tiered skirt..its super sweet!!!wear a cardigan on top or bare them all..both ways u'll look stunning!!
**another colour available is bubble pink..same colour as ruffles pink and grecian glam bubble pink**

  • RM69
  • fits uk8-uk14,fits bust a,b,c,d
  • made of stretchable cotton
  • measurement approx. 128cm


Ahoy Sailor!

[ALL sold out]

yellow(sold out)

can be worn off shoulder

grey(sold out)

beige(sold out)
**white obi belt worn available for sale**

ahoy sailor!or do they call it nautica..whatever it is we love love love ahoy sailor sooo much, we find stripes to be sexy and eye catching in a way..plus the black lining on the neckline accentuates the neck making it appear seductive shall we say ;P

  • RM39
  • fits uk4-uk10
  • made of cotton
  • **white obi belt worn in ahoy sailor beige available at RM15**

Blooming Cardi

[ALL sold out]


a closer look at the adorable design

after searching up and down for cardi's..at last we found blooming cardi!!! its design totally caught our eye..soooo adorable plus u can wear it with any of ur top and u'll still look super sweet!!!

  • RM40
  • fits uk4-uk10
  • made of cotton

Madamme Butterfly

[ALL sold out]

hot pink(sold out)



electric blue(sold out)

mystic black(sold out)

aha!another maxi dress..they never go out of fashion..why?well we dunno but we guess its because of its versatility..u can wear it casual or formal..plus its super comfy and is a life saver in one piece..trust us we have like tonnes of em in the closet and we're lovin it!!!each and everyone of u girls out there must have one!!!

  • RM69
  • fits uk8-uk14
  • made of super comfy stretchable cotton
  • approx. 128cm

Dotsy Dust

[ALL sold out]



super cute colours!!!

dotsy dust is a real eye candy..the super cute colour combinations are a stunner..with some gold stripes to go with it..its a one cute must have shirt!!

  • RM35
  • fits uk4-uk10
  • made of cotton